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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Set-Up

Here is the new victim. There has already been a lot of work done to it. But this is what it looks like and what I have documented to this point.

This is what it looked like not long after I brought it home in mid-September 2008. Tire chunks bolted to the side is still a mystery and the object of much conjecture. Best geusse is that it was protection for a vehicle when it may have been used as a car/truck topper.

This is the transom's motor support in it original form. Kind of reminds me of 90s muff hair style... the "Hitler"... yes?

The inside stern facing. There seems to be a lot of room between the aft bench and the transom. I may make this into a rear casting deck in the future.

Another look at those gorgeous tire chunks. The transverse ribbing is good and strong, I might only have to add two or three of them if I choose to gut the benches and make pedestal seats and fore and aft casting decks.

Here is the first atrocity that I have found; Shelving braces used to "Protect" the keel. While I am certain that it seemed like a good idea at the time; At a Grateful Dead concert on PCP, it is obvious that the steel screws that were bored into the keel caused more damage than it prevented.

Found this under some (David) putty. Yah... thats right.

Here is the coolest logo in all of boating. This will go well with my Impala!

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