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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Motor Fix and Glimpses Of The Diogenes

Here is the story about my motor;

I bought an Eska (1977 15hp) because I did not know better. I bought it on a whim and then read all the horror stories about it.

At the start of the season I was on my way to a little fishing vacation when the hinge that holds the engine onto the bracket cracked off while driving. Good thing I had a couple of straps on it or it would have been a hood ornament for the little Matrix that was on my butt for about 20ks.

After much ado... I fashioned a fix a couple of weeks ago. It seems more solid (This hinge) than the original.

From the top.

From the bottom and behind.

Here is a pic of the Eska, and a glimpse of some of the completed work on the Diogenes. Battleship Grey at this point... some of that may change in the spring.

I hit the water with it for the first time in mid-October '08... and she ran great! Maybe a little under powered for a 15, but I was VERY pleased. The water pump was pumping and the spark plugs were sparking... Quite happy! By my calculations, I achieved about 20 to 25kms per hour and planed beautifully. I was skipping around some of the bends on the Gatineau river!! Freaky feeling. But, maybe that is what you get when you put a 15hp on a boat that is rated for 7.5hp!

The next thing I want to do is get a carb kit, new impeller, spark plugs and change the LU oil.

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