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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yanking in the Snow...

I love titles...

I took it as a sign from the Boating Gods that it was time to start on the pile of tin. There are things I HAVE to do to get this boat and trailer ready for the April 24th trout opener;

Fix trailer:
1) Fix shocks - Adding a cotter pin to each or threading a nut onto the posts should do it.
2) Change tires and Valves. I bought new rubber and valves... now how do you go about mounting these buggers on the rim yourself? I can remember when I was a kid, seeing guys put lighter fluid in the tire and lighting it up to set the tire into the rim. Don't know if I can do that... I don't even know if I can get the tire onto the rim! I know I don't want to pay $17 per tire to get them mounted... I paid $20 for the damn rubber!

3) Redo the back wiring. I had a blow out on my last trip before the winter comming back from Lac Saint Marie, the shrapnel from the shedding tire took out my shock and some wiring with it. I will have to replace some of the wiring and redo some connections.

The Boat:

1)Take out the middle and aft seats so I can get at the seams and/or rivets that are still leaking.

2) grind all seams and rivet clean with a wire brush on my drill or die-grinder. Pound the rivets tight.

3) Clean with vinegar or acetone.

4) Apply Gluvit. (Epoxy leak stopper)

5) Modify the middle seat so that it becomes two small side seats.

6) Modify the rear seat so that it can accommodate storage under the bench... I am thinking Piano Hinge... and rivets.

7) Repaint with E2000.

Go fishing.

I do have some future plans; Bow and Aft casting decks with twin battery storage in the bow and a vented gas tank cover plate/ casting deck at aft. Apply rubberized EVA interlocked flooring tiles to all horizontal surfaces; decking, seating and tread.

I also want to mod the trailer a bit to make tie downs easier and launching and trailer-ing.

So, today, I got the mid and aft benches out. Still deciding on my approach on modding both benches. The mid bench should not require extra material other than rivets. I will use the existing material to accomplish this mod. The aft bench mod will require only rivets, a piano hinge and a pull ring.

Spring is here...

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  1. Wow, I did NOT think that post was about fixin' a boat. ;-)